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PBS Special Intro: The Model of Human Behavior (2:39)

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DVD #1: THE MODEL OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR, Robert A. Rohm (86 minutes)

In this fun-filled, fast-paced presentation filmed before a live PBS studio audience Dr. Robert A. Rohm presents the four patterns of Human Behavior. You will never see other people the same way again! Dr. Rohm has a knack for taking complicated issues and breaking them down into understandable concepts that will change your life for the better…forever! Get ready to laugh and learn.

DVD #2: MAKING SENSE OF YOUR PEOPLE PUZZLE, Robert Rohm, Phd (51 minutes)

In this presentation filmed before a live PBS studio audience, Dr. Robert A. Rohm helps you discover how to become a more effective communicator with everyone you meet. You will learn about the four different personality styles that make up the pieces of the People Puzzle: their needs, likes and dislikes, and much more.

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