Attitude, Behavior, Conversation – Remember Your ABC’s

One of the first things we all learned in school was our ABC’s. The alphabet is the foundation for learning how to read. We soon learned the sounds of the different letters and how to put those sounds together in order to create words. I am all for learning to read and I love education. I am the eternal student, always trying to learn something new. The most amazing thing I have ever learned is actually how much there is to know! Thomas Edison once made the observation that we do not know one millionth of one percent about anything. Coming from him that is quite a humbling statement. Regardless of what you know or do not know, I have come to realize that, if you can simply remember the first three letters of the alphabet, you will be in a position to greatly succeed in life!

Attitude: The letter “A” stands for Attitude. Your attitude about life and work and relationships is totally under your own control. No one makes you have the attitude you possess each day. It is totally your decision and your choice. It has been said a thousand times but it is worth repeating because it is so true! “It is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude in life.” I recently read an article about the success of Southwest Airlines. The writer discovered that Southwest Airlines always hires first for attitude. They believe you can teach anyone different skill sets, but you will constantly struggle in teamwork and customer service if a poor attitude exists.

Behavior: The letter “B” stands for Behavior. The actions you demonstrate everyday come from your physical body. Your hands, feet, eyes, mouth, expressions, noises and words all come out of your own body. You get to be the one to choose how you will behave on a daily basis. No one makes you behave the way you do every day. Unless you are in the military and have a commanding officer, you pretty much behave the way you want to every day of your life. Your behavior demonstrates to others a lot about the person you really are. I once heard the story of two sons who had a father who was a criminal and ended up in jail. One of the boys grew up to be a doctor and the other grew up to end up in jail himself. When the men were grown they were asked how they ended up developing into the person they became as an adult. They both gave the same answer, “I just looked at my father’s life and I knew what to do!” So you see – in the final analysis it was their own behavior that made them who they had become as men – not their father. You can blame every one of your problems on everyone in the entire world but, in the end, it is your own behavior that will either make you or break you into becoming the person you want to be.

Conversation: The letter “C” stands for Conversation. The words that come out of your mouth will be the ultimate key to what every person you ever meet thinks about you. Life and death are in the power of your words. The way you speak to people will either cause them to be attracted to you or repelled by you. Words have the ability to lift the spirit or crush the soul. The amazing thing is that we get to choose how we speak to every single person we meet every day. I can promise you this one fact: if you speak words of kindness, life, enthusiasm, happiness, encouragement and joy to people every day, you will always have a crowd around you! If there is one key I have learned in the success story of life it is simply this: don’t let anything come out of my mouth unless it is something good that can be of benefit to the person to whom I am speaking. It really is that simple!

There you have it – your ABC’s. If you want to have the absolute best year you have ever had in your life, just apply this one simple truth everyday this year and everything will turn in the right direction for you. Finally, (and I saved the best for last) here is the most amazing fact of all – even Almighty God will not interfere with those three items in your life each day, because He gave you a will and a mind to make choices. You get to choose your own Attitude, you get to choose your own Behavior and you get to choose your own Conversation and words each day.

If you have been struggling with looking for new direction in life, look no further. Just live one day at a time working on your ABC’s, and life will get better. And, if I might suggest, consider asking God to help you, because, truth be told, ALL of us struggle in these three areas.

Use this simple formula, and become a better you each day this coming year! I guarantee it!