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Objectives, Priorities, Goals

Why I Separate These 3 Important Items By Robert A Rohm Personality Insights, Inc. began in 1991. I had been speaking for several different organizations and I finally came to the conclusion that I should start my own business. It was somewhat a leap of faith, but now, looking back these many years later, I am certainly glad I took that step. In the early days, I was extremely fearful that I would run out [...]

Warning: You are Going to Grow Old and Die

What You Can Do About It I thought that title might get your attention! That thought is not as morbid as it may seem at first glance. If you keep reading, you will see that this Tip really is going to turn in a positive direction.   I have become painfully aware that death is a reality. It is not something we like to talk about much, but it is something that is very, very [...]