Objectives, Priorities, Goals

Why I Separate These 3 Important Items

By Robert A Rohm

Personality Insights, Inc. began in 1991. I had been speaking for several different organizations and I finally came to the conclusion that I should start my own business. It was somewhat a leap of faith, but now, looking back these many years later, I am certainly glad I took that step.

In the early days, I was extremely fearful that I would run out of money. It seemed as though everything I touched had an expense related to it. I had saved some money, but I could see that it was dwindling quickly and I had walked away from the security of a steady, weekly paycheck. I often woke up anxiously in the night with the feeling that I was sliding down a very slippery financial slope and had nothing to grab on to that would keep me from sliding faster than I was already going.

In 1992, I had the opportunity to do a training program for Chick-fil-A Corporation. Zig Ziglar was the featured speaker and I conducted several workshops. Back in the ‘80’s, when I lived in Dallas, I had worked with Zig and he had become a dear friend and mentor to me.

One afternoon I sat with him and told him my concern. “Zig, all I ever do is think about money. It seems like it occupies my every waking thought. I don’t want to be consumed by money but, it is almost all I think about and it is beginning to bother me. Do you have any suggestions?”

He smiled and said, “You are going to have to separate three important issues in order to succeed: your priority, your objective and your goal.” Then he began to explain the distinction between those three different areas.

He said, “Your priority is to help people. Get up everyday thinking about how many people you can help. That will maintain your focus of being a blessing and a help to people and will keep your priorities straight.”

Next he explained, “Your objective is to make a profit. If you do not make a profit, you will not be able to help anyone, including yourself. You must make a profit in order to survive. The whole nature of business is to make a profit. People are not in business because they do not have anything better to do and are just looking for something to occupy their time. They want to make a profit and succeed financially.” Then he gave me his famous quote, “Money may not be everything, but it is fairly close to oxygen!” Then he continued, “Don’t let your goal be to chase money. If you chase money, you will never catch it because it will always outrun you. Let your goal be to help people. If you chase helping people, money will chase you.”

Then he said, “Finally, your overriding goal needs to be to please God. Our Heavenly Father is the one who created this entire universe. He gave us our gifts, talents and abilities and we are to use them out of gratitude for all He has done for us. He will bless you and guide you as you depend upon Him for inner strength and peace.”

Something happened to me that day as I was talking to Zig. I realize now that I had been filled with fear because I had three different issues all rolled into one. He helped me clarify and separate each one of them. I walked away from fear that afternoon and placed it with clarity.

It has been amazing to see what has happened over the years. I have lived long enough to see that what Zig said is true. Having separated those three issues has caused me to keep my head straight in my business dealings. Every day I remember that my priority is to help people, my objective is to make a profit, and my goal is to please God.

Perhaps you will want to do what I have done and write those three things down in the front of your calendar or on a 3×5 card so that you can see them every day. They will make a profound difference in your life and business and help you to keep those three important issues clear in your mind.